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Raphael Enthoven is a French philosophy teacher who also held roles as a radio and television programmes, most of which were philosophy related.
Born in Paris in 1975 to journalist Catherine David and publisher Jean-Paul Enthoven, Raphael Enthoven acquired his first qualification in philosophy from Ecole Normale Superieure.

This led Raphael Enthoven to teach for two years at the Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, before moving on to a position at the University of Paris VII-Jussieu.
Raphael Enthoven would also hold a position at Universite Populaire du Caen which was founded by Michael Onfray, a French writer and philosopher.
Raphael Enthoven also delivered lecture relation to political philosophy at the Sciences Po and the Ecole Polytechnique, as well as delivering teachings on Spinoza, Bergson and Clement Rosset on Les Mardi de la Philo, an organisation that looks to spread the thought of thinkers to non-specialists.
Since 2013, Raphael Enthoven has been teaching philosophy at the Ecole Jeannine Manuel, a bilingual international French school.

Radio Enthoven’s Radio Career

Raphael Enthoven became a co-producer on the “Les vendredis de la Philosophie” on France Culture, a French public radio station.
Enthoven has also been a regular contributor to France Inter, a part of Radio France that aims to offer a national audience a wide range of news and insights.
As well as being a guest on the show, Raphael Enthoven has also contributed several works including spoken-word programming such as “People Want to Hate Themselves More Than to Speak.”

The Authorship of Raphael Enthoven

As well as finding success on radio, Raphael Enthoven has also written and curated several books.
Morales Provisoires (Moral Provisions)
Morales Provisoires is essentially a collection of radio works transcribe that helps offers readers guidance within a society that is evolving and changing.
There is a wide range of subjects covered, including Facebook, tennis and power and helps make sense of a complicated world.

Little Brother

As we make our way through life, we can often have a lot of questions.
For example, where does the concept of the end of the world arise from?
This small collection of texts studies contemporary subjects in a philosophical approach and goes over sever areas of interest that include the use of emoticons and power and helps us make sense of the confusing world we live in.

Matiere Premiere

Is it possible to elevate philosophy to everyday objects? Despite many of us doing our best to keep up with technology, loyalty schemes and GPS, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.
Matiere Premiere looks at the approaches and ideas of today through a philosophical lens.

Barthes (Essais)

Many modern-day philosophers will have some for, of inspiration, as well as a historical figure that has set the benchmark.
Raphael Enthoven looks at Roland Barthes, a French philosopher who also took up positions as a theorist and a critic.
Given the prominence of Barthes’ work, it should come as no surprise that his view on the world would go on to inspire several philosophers, including Raphael himself.

Enthoven looks at the world of Roland Barthes, in particular, his essays and applies them to modern thinking and be able to view the world independently
La Dissertation de Philo
The role of a philosopher is to look at the world in a unique wat and have confidence in their approach.
To some extent, this can apply to millions of people, but despite some of the viewpoints offered on the world, not all of them are backed up with evidence or examination.

Despite being cited as one of the world’s most influential philosophers, Raphael Enthoven dismiss this label, as he believes he just analyses things in detail.
The book covers a series of subject matters where professors break down content and themes using a Q&A system put in place by Enthoven.

Those reading the book will be able to better construct a balance between effective shaping and mobilisations that makes problem-solving that little bit easier.
Regardless of whether you’re looking for a different approach to a personal career, or just wanting a vantage point from a renowned philosopher, then La Dissertation de Philo makes for a fascinating read.
Raphael remains a prominent figure in French philosophy and his unique viewpoint of the world have seen several corporations and institutions book Raphael Enthoven for a series of due to his ability to convey his philosophy in a way that’s easy to understand, and even easier to implement.


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